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Community Agreements

Things to know before joining us


Thank you for showing interest in Spoken Literature Art Movement programming and events. The following are just a few community agreements for all who choose to join us in any of our spaces. We appreciate you taking the time to read. 

  1. We are a safe space. If you don't like that term, our community probably is not for you. We believe that establishing a safe space is important for the safety and overall comfort of anyone choosing to simply exist in their skin color, sexuality, gender or other human characteristics. In other words, check your intentions at the door. 

  2. We put community first. In anything that we present or facilitate, we always challenge our students or audience members to think about how their individual efforts and art is expanding to the outside world. We understand a lot of this art is created for personal healing. We also understand that all healing is connected. 

  3. We do not discriminate against anyone based on age, sexuality, gender or other human characteristics. However, there are some events and programming that is, or will be, designed for specific groups for valid reasons. For instance, Saturday workshops are only open to poets 13 years or older due to the, sometimes, mature nature of conversations or workshop topics. 

  4. We respect all privacy and stories of all people in our spaces. That means no gossiping, no posting photos/videos of non-performers without permission, no touching without consent and no anything that can violate anyone. We promise you there are so many alternative and beautiful ways to connect. 

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