Special Events

Say Dat!

(will return soon)

Say Dat! is a community dialogue and open mic striving to bring background conversations to the forefront.

If you call yourself an artist, activist or just a concerned human… if you have Twitter or Instagram or Facebook… if you exist on this planet… you’ve probably engaged in some serious dialogue about community, large and small, and the political climates that surrounds us.

We, at Spoken Literature Art Movement, believe in doing necessary work. But, often, one of the first steps before doing the work, is having the conversations, even the uncomfortable ones.

Our first event (of this anticipated series) took place on Aug 21st, 2019 at Art Share-LA. Our topic was: “Is anyone neutral in a time of social chaos?”

This event will return early 2020.

Brought to you by our S.L.A.M. alumni events team. See you soon!

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