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Public Workshops

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Thursdays @ 4:00-5:30pm PT – Oct. 8, 15, 22, 29

Unfold will deeply explore the connection between self and the world around us.

We will lead participants on a wild meet-the-writer-where-they-are ride that won’t just exercise our craft, but our being.

Get ready for all the feels, mostly the good ones. 

Saturdays at Art Share-LA

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writing & performance

This is a 12-week, extensive group workshop series taught by our lead instructors and exceptional guest facilitators from across the country. 

Workshop is open to any poets ages 13 and up. Participants under 18 must attend with an authorized adult. 

The goal each Saturday of every workshop cycle is to get the student to engage, and challenge their skills, in writing and performance in ways that also challenge them as an individual. 

Workshops are split into about 1.5 hours of writing instruction followed by 1.5 hours of performance instruction. 

Workshop topics are wide and touch on everything that can assist new and seasoned writers, from resume building to movement to poem structure. Some of our students have attended (and graduated from) more than one cycle and have not received the same experience twice. 

Past guest instructors include Beau Sia, Yesika Salgado, Shihan Van Clief, Buddy Wakefield, Edwin Bodney and more. 

Since our workshop series started in the fall of 2017, we've successfully graduated 42 alumni. 

Location: Art Share-LA: 801 e 4th Pl., Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Time: 11am-2pm

Price: $40 per class or $400 for all 12 (when paid in advance)

limited scholarships available 

Cycle VI registration is postponed due to covid-19 and

stay-at-home orders until further notice.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays at Da Poetry Lounge


This is a group workshop for poets at all levels. Currently, these workshops are being held online, via zoom. The only thing you need is $10, something to write or type with and we provide the cool prompts and lessons to sharpen your skills.  

At Da Poetry Lounge, 2nd Tuesdays are taught by our lead instructors. 4th Tuesdays are taught by Arnisha Royston and an additional S.L.A.M. alumni teaching artist. Currently, all of these workshops are being taught by our lead instructors.

Current Location:

Email us a few days before each workshop to pay and receive the zoom password.


Regular Location: Da Poetry Lounge at Greenway Court Theatre: 544 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, Ca 90036

Time: 7pm-8:30pm (right before the open mic at Da Poetry Lounge)

Price at the door: $10 or $15 if you stay for the open mic. Cash preferred. venmo accepted. 

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